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Emergency Plumber

Beverly Hills is home to some of California’s most popular attractions, like Rodeo Drive. It is also a city that has been made popular thanks to its appearances on television, most notably on the 90210 drama series. There are a few plumbing companies that serve Beverly Hills, but Ritz Plumbing provides you with the most dependable emergency plumber Beverly Hills. You can contact us 24 hours a day and we will always have an emergency plumber Beverly Hills available to serve all of your plumbing needs, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Of course, many of us prefer to get our plumbing problems fixed during regular working hours. However, unexpected plumbing emergencies can happen at any time; nights, weekends and holidays. For this reason, Ritz Plumbing does emergency plumbing Beverly Hills for residential and commercial clients. There are many cases where you would need emergency plumbing Beverly Hills.

If your hot water heater broke, you would be left without hot water until it can get repaired. Very often, waiting until the next business day simply isn’t practical. A 24 hour plumber Beverly Hills can perform the necessary repairs so that your hot water heater starts functioning normally again. If you notice that your water heater isn’t functioning properly or is making strange noises, call our 24 hour plumber Beverly Hills right away. This can save you from serious property damage if the water heater starts leaking without warning.

Of course, as part of our emergency plumbing services Beverly Hills, we also fix toilets that are clogged or overflowing. If you’ve tried using a plunger and couldn’t get the toilet to flow normally again, call us so that we can fix the problem for you. Our plumbers have the necessary tools to unclog a toilet, even if the clog is deeper inside the pipe. This commonly happens if an object has been flushed down the toilet and ended up blocking the pipe completely, which can cause the toilet to back up and spill water all over your bathroom floor.

No matter what the plumbing emergency is, our emergency plumbing services Beverly Hills can help you get your home’s plumbing working again and prevent significant property damage that can be caused by a water leak.

A last-minute leaky pipe may not sound like urgent disaster, but it can actually send your life into a tailspin. Whether you live near one of our neighborhood’s many tourist destinations like the Beverly Hilton or Paley Center, or reside around the famous Four Seasons Hotel, no one is immune from this simple but powerful plumbing problem, especially if you have copper pipes.

Copper is a common material used for pipes for its strength and longevity. The problem is copper corrodes over time, so if your house is older, you may be facing an impending disaster. For example, if you live among older housing units near Wilshire Boulevard, count on your old pipes bursting at some point, especially if they haven’t been inspected in a while by a good Beverly Hills plumber.

Likewise, if your sewer lines are outdated, you may be in for a nasty surprise at 2am. Often, tree roots can disrupt and clog sewer lines running to and from your home slowly over time. You may not even notice the warning signs, like a clogged toilet and unusual activity among your plumbing fixtures. But once the line becomes fully stopped, you may get a backflow of sewer water in your home. Don’t hesitate to call us. You’ll definitely need a knowledgeable technician who can repair a burst pipe underground – and fast.

Speed is key to being the best emergency plumber Beverly Hills has to offer, which is why we pride ourselves on our quick service. No matter when disaster strikes, we’re available 24 / 7 to help, and our fast response will help minimize the damage to your home. While most jobs don’t require invasive, long-term work, every now and then we receive a call that requires more than a casual house call. Whether it’s intensive drain cleaning, a broken water heater, or ruptured gas lines, there’s a slight chance that you may have to evacuate temporarily. However, many residents use this as an opportunity to take a so-called stay-cation at one of our beautiful hotels. From the Mosaic Hotel to the Peninsula Beverly, you’re never far from exciting alternative accommodations.

Our experienced team of plumbing technicians provides excellent service, and are happy to assist you even at off hours. From the famous thoroughfare that is Santa Monica Boulevard to our historical Beverly Hills Post Office, we love our neighborhood, and want it to thrive. Clogged drains, burst pipes, overflowing toilets – we’ll fix it all, no matter what time it is.


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