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Water Heater Repair Beverly Hills Counts On!

Few feelings are worse than knowing you’ve run out of hot water for the morning. If you’re still using a regular tank-based water heater, you’ve known this feeling more than once. All the worse when you realize that it’s not just your tank that’s out—but your hot water heater itself has broken down. The bad news? Your whole water heating system could be out of commission, or even need replacing! The good news? A quick fix is just a call away.

Here at Ritz, we’ve been able to provide the water heater repair Beverly Hills residents have been counting on since 1931. That means that we’ve got more than a few years of experience under our belts, getting to know the people and parts of Beverly Hills that make it one of the best places to live on Earth!

So whether you’re a business, like the Beverly Hills Hotel, who needs their hot water up and running immediately—or a homeowner who’s not ready to let a plumbing problem get in the way of a full itinerary—we’ve got what you need to get back on track today. Just call and see what we can do for you!

Water Heater Repair

We’re excited to provide water heater repair Beverly Hills residents can trust to be fast and reliable. We’ll make sure that our team arrives quickly, and makes the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

What often goes wrong with water heaters? Well, for starters, they need to be changed out as early as every fifteen years—though it’s an easy fact to forget. That means that there are certain parts of the water tank that can simply malfunction. Beyond that it could be a problem in your piping, gas or electric heating system, or another mechanical issue. The good news is that we’re happy to provide you a free and accurate estimate, so that you’ll know exactly how much this repair will cost you from the start.

Water Heater Installation

We also provide water heater installation Beverly Hills residents value for extra convenience. We’ll set everything up and make sure it’s stored in the appropriate spaces. After that we’ll make sure that the proper internal plumbing systems are flowing, and that there are no gas or electrical problems.

Rather than charge by the hour, we charge by the job, ensuring that we get done exactly what we say we will, without wasting anyone’s time or money. Our skilled technicians are fully trained and certified to make these kinds of installations, and will ensure top-quality work that’s representative of the Platinum Triangle’s beauty.

From Rodeo Drive to Sunset Boulevard, our customers recognize our work as some of the industry’s best, because we’re straight forward, quick, and make sure that the job doesn’t have to be done more than once.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

If you’re tired of using a tank for your water heating system, you can go the way of bigger corporations and hotels like MGM or the W, and choose to use tankless water heating that ensures hot water whenever you need it. No more worrying about the tank running out, or having to wait for it to refill and reheat. Now you can have all of the hot water you want at the mere touch of a button.

Tankless technology is an energy-efficient way to heat your water without a tank, and we’re proud to provide tankless water heater installation Beverly Hills residents can be excited about. No more waiting around for your hot shower—the water you want is yours when you need it.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

And while we’re confident you’ll be getting regular use out of your tankless water heater, wear and tear can occur, and that’s when you can call us! We’ll provide you with tankless water heater repair Beverly Hills homes and businesses trust for speed when it really counts.

You can always count on our emergency services 24/7, so whether there’s an emergency in the middle of the night, or a leak that needs immediate attention, our dispatched will get a plumbing team to you for whatever you need.

We know: hot water heaters are a very important part of any home, and even businesses. So when you need a repair or installation, go with the team you know you can count on. Call Ritz today!


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